There are about 3000 species of ants. Ants are social insects that live in a permanent nest which can be found in soil, wood and rocks. You can often observe them around foundations, walls, roof voids, kitchens, lawns, gardens and also in the wood of decaying trees and rockeries. They more or less live in a permanent nest but in extreme conditions a change of nest is not uncommon. Worker ants forage for food from the nest. Many do this by travelling in fairly well-defined trails, once a food source has been established. To establish a trail, a trail they may use landmarks, orientation or lying down of a scented trail.

Ants are considered pests in and around buildings. The small mounds resulting from their excavations may be considered unsightly. Sometimes their excavations may cause cracks in their path. Ants can consume and damage some plants and seedlings. The trails of the ants themselves and swarming may not only be considered unsightly but also disturbing to some people. Ants are not only a threat because they can bite or sting humans, but they can also pose a health risk. Ants have been known to carry on their bodies disease organisms that can cause a variety of bacteria including salmonella. Ants are often found in kitchens, garbage cans, dog bowls, excrement and other places that can carry disease organisms.


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