The European Wasp is more active in the warmer months but can be active all year round. These wasps would have to be one of the most dangerous wasps in Australia. Like the paper wasp the European wasp can sting their victim more than once and each time the wasp stings its victim it injects venom. This can have a painful reaction. This wasp loves to feed on your pet’s food.

Their nests are always concealed and may be underground, in a hollow of a tree, in a wall cavity or in the roof of a house. These wasps may travel far away their nest in search of food and water. They are attracted to sweet things and meat. Accidental deaths have occurred when the wasp has found its way into an open drink can and then unknowingly have been drunk. The wasp stings many times in the throat causing swelling which chokes the victim. When it is hot you can often find that these wasps will hang around sprinklers, pools, birdbaths and other sources of moisture.        


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